None-Heating type Drying Technology for Inorganic Sludge & Mineral Concentrate

In case of many mines producing valuable metals, such as gold, copper, molybdenum, etc., they produce the concentrate of increased purity through fine grinding by ball mill and remove impurities via the Froth Flotation. The concentrate in this stage contain water over 95%, and need to remove water to produce the final gold etc. through the refining process.


The conventional method using filter press type or rotary kiln type dryer has the shortcoming of low de-watering performance or threaten the safety of workers due to the loss of concentrate and generation of hazardous gases. Thus the new type of drying device has been developed by the request of DSME SMC to solve those problems

 *DSME(Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering)

Why we developed
Problem we solved

The SCD(System for Concentrate Drying by non-heating process) developed by Wooyoung Engineering and Shindong-a KS can effectively dry the concentrate of mineral mines and inorganic sludge. The non-heating type drying device can remove the surface and interstitial water and finally produce dried concentrate(water content: less than 10%) without the loss of concentrate.

Shindong-a KS is specialist company of Filter press established in 1983.

The Pore Direct Air-lowing Technology
Pore Direct Air-blowing Technology(PDAT) is the technology to produce dry concentrate containing less than 10% of water by blowing high pressure & dry air directly into the concentrate particles to remove the residual water on the surface and between the particles after pressured de-watering process.

In order to realize PDAT without the loss of fine concentrate particles, it is composed of specifically designed Filter Plate, Filter Cloth and Control System enabling high pressure air uniformly dispersed instantly.

Cost savings
Blocking the scattering

- Blocking loss of concentrate

- Increase productivity

- Improve working environment


Prevent vitrification caused by high temperature

- Minimize the loss of valuable metal due to the vitrification of arsenic in the concentrate when exposed to high temperature.

- Blocking hazardous gases


No use of chemical

- Save operating cost

- Improve the workability of Subsequent process

Reduce energy consumption

- Dehydrate / dry process are done by only pneumatic power

Process & Main Equipments
Easy Installation & Easy maintenance
Our Engineers are starting to designed for easy installation and easy maintenance. SCD will be composed with some modules. All parts are managed is given a unique number, the material and the length of parts will be normalized. It will be applied from small models.
And we are underway to quantify the study of the development large capacity equipment and performance in collaboration with of Induk University. We expect the development of Belt Dryer type new facility that applied PDAT technology.
Patents & Certification
Patents SCD
Patents : AMD

Order company : DSME (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering) SMC,

 Site Name : Sunsin Gold Mine*, Republic of Korea, SCD-FP × 2SET, 2011 & 2013


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