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  • 세계최고 수준의 플라스틱 재활용 시스템을 제공한다. 우영은 공중부양식 선별장치를 비롯해 하이브리드 선별기 등으로 구성된 재호라용 시스템을 국내 폴리프로필렌(Polypropylene) 재활용 라인에 적용함으로써 생산성 향상에 기여하고 있다.

  • ​라인당 일 생산량은 10~11 메트릭 톤으로 라인당 작업자가 1/4 이상 감축되었다.

  • World’s best plastic recycling system that highly selects the waste filters of water purifier after bringing, crushing, separating and cleaning, and produces PP ((Polypropylene) of 90% purity or higher

  • Final Product Daily Output : 10-11MT / series

  • Saving the post-treatment cost by discharging separately by each material composing the water purification filter such as activated carbon, non-woven fabric, sand and so forth.

※ Types of Water Purifying Filters

① Precipitation filter: Casing-pp, Sand

② Primary carbon filter: Casing-PP, A/C

③ Reverse osmosis membrane filter: Casing-PP, Felt

④ Secondary carbon filter: Casing-PP, A/C

01.Imported Filters
Water Purifier Filters
02. Water purifier filters
Water purifier filters
03.Automatic cutting device
Automatic cutting device
04.Cleaning facility
05.Activated carbon separation
Separated Activated-carbon
06.Non-woven fabric separation
Separated Non-woven fabric and PE etc,.
07.Separated Material
Separated label, paper, dust etc,.
08.Separated Material2
Separated label, paper, dust etc,.
09.High Efficiency separator
Levitating Separator
10.Final product - PP Flake
Final product - PP Flake
11.Product packing
Product packing