Acid Mine Drainage Treatment

River ecosystem pollution caused by acid mine drainage
Passivation Free Electrolytic Technology(PFET)
Water Treatment by Electrochemical Reaction


  • Electrolysis is carried out by electrical energy flowing on the anode and cathode, and heavy metals (Fe, Al and etc.) in water are treated by the chemical reaction.


  • Reducing T-N of sewage treatment plants and lakes, reducing red tide of ocean, and utilizing it in the field of arsenic contaminated underground water

Passivation Freae Electrolytic Technology (PFET)


  • The technology to remove effectively the scale generated on the electrode surface at the process of electrolysis


  • We have developed the electrode structure for preventing electrode passive state and cleaning technology based on the operation know-how of heavy metal wastewater for many years.


  • Securing safety during high power handling due to the enclosed structure

01.S. Korea(Q=3,000㎥d)2

S. Korea(Q=3,000㎥d)

02.S. Korea(Q=7,200㎥d)

S. Korea(Q=7,200㎥d)

04.Passivated electrode2

Passivated electrode

03.Passivated electrode

Passivated electrode

05.Prototype Auto Cleaning Unit2

Prototype Auto Cleaning Unit

06.Prototype Auto Cleaning Unit

Prototype Auto Cleaning Unit

Field research and Lab-scale test

 We have performed a Field research to investigate water quality characteristics. At the mines in operating, characteristics of water are changed constantly depend on the ore character. In particular, agents for the flotation will affect the water quality.



We perform the various field tests to find best solution which respond to these variation and meet the economic requirements.

Study for Anti-Passivation of electrode 

 The main problem of the electrochemical process is a scale that is generated on the electrode. We conducted a field test for the electrode material and structure selected. We are developing electrochemical reactor capable of auto-scaling. We had to recruit a core developer with experience developing of commercial facility located in Jeongseon-gun, Korea. Currently, we are preparing a field-test by developing a new type of electrolyzer.


Type of our Electorlyzer
  • Rotating high-pressure washing electrolyzer, 

  • Electrolyzer using the salt bridge, 

  • Electrolyzer of floating-type scale inhibiting system




Joint research

 We have signed a transfer agreement of the "Acid Mine Drainage treatment system" from KIGAM(Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources) in Mar,  2015. Ji Sangwoo PhD is an expert in the field of acid mine drainage and arsenic treatment. Wooyoung Engineering and KIGAM is conducting a joint study at the Sunsin gold mine, Haenam, Republic of Korea about system for energy independence.


 The treatment technology utilizes an electrochemical process, using the solar power and hydrogen generated in the treatment process. Such a system may be used for efficient acid mine drainage treatment in a remote and sunlight rich region. We have performed a field experiment and test about applicability for energy independent of AMD treatment system.

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